I was looking for something that did it all in one complete package and allowed for me to travel with it. That's when I found the DistruptiveStrong Bag, the Swiss Army knife for fitness training. This product is legit and will push you to the next level in training. 

- Luke Butler


I recently found myself at a point where I was no longer seeing changes in my body from my workouts. DisruptiveStrong game me the push that I needed. It totally challenged my body and I have gained lean muscle and lost pounds!! 

- Becca Choate


The workouts are timely and effective. I love this app because I am able to choose a program that works for me and it tells me what to do everyday, no thinking required! 

- Ronyell Dobson
Strong, versatile, extremely convenient. The bag and shot bells allow me to perform the functional workouts I need as a judoka. I no longer have to go to the gym to use different weighted sandbags, Bulgarian bags, and different kettle bells. 

- Allen Noble, MD